Morgenstern“Dear Nancy,
If I could speak to you right now, there are so many things I would tell you. In one brief moment you were taken from us and we miss you so very much. Our last conversation on Sunday night keeps playing over and over again in my mind. All you thought about was Daddy and me, and you were so full of suggestions on how we should spend our anniversary. You, being the adventurous one, suggested a place where acrobats perform. You told me to do something different and exciting—all the while only wanting us to enjoy a night out alone, which we rarely do.
I remember the times I drove you to Floyd Bennett Field to watch you race. I never realized how good a cyclist you were, and how professional you looked. With the pride that only a parent can feel, I was able to see the love and respect you shared with the other cyclists at the races. But, most of all, I will not forget the trips back to your apartment in the city, where you and I were alone in our own world, laughing and sharing secrets. I know you appreciated it as well, because you would call me the next day and say, “Mommy, I loved being with you last night.”
Although it is impossible to truly understand Hashem’s judgments, I can only pray that He continues to watch over us, and guide us along the proper path in life. He should give us the strength to grow in Midos (character) and Chesed (kindness and regard of our fellow man)—traits that you so magnificently exemplified.
With all of my love,
An excerpt from
Nancy Morgenstern A’H 1968-2001 NYC


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