Missed Train

“After missing the 3:04 AM train to Great Neck by just two minutes and having to wait more than two hours for the next train…I got a little angry, and asked “G-d, why did you do this to me?”…and he answered me on the spot. A minute later, a guy that I would have never spoken to in a million years approached me and started a convo because of my kippah. He showed me a tattoo on his chest of the Magen David and under it written “only G-d can understand me”. For the next two hours, until the 5:20AM train came, he didn’t stop speaking about how blessed I am to be Jewish and how I shouldn’t take it for granted. He explained to me how jealous he is that he isn’t a part of the chosen nation and how much respect he has for Jews. G-d made me miss the train in order for me to meet Will, so he can remind me about how lucky I am and how proud I should be for being a Jew. Everything G-d does is for a reason, just wait and you will find out why things happen the way they do.”

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