Shabbat Shalom from Holocaust survivor Margaret Newman. Margaret was born in the small city of Satu Mare in Northern Transylvania. In 1944, the Nazis and their collaborators liquidated the Satu Mare ghetto and transported the large Jewish community to Auschwitz-Birkenau. Margaret was selected for slave labor, but the rest of her family was murdered in the gas chambers. She was later forced to work in a Krupp arms factory in Waldenburg, Germany where she remained for six months before being sent on a death march. After liberation, Margaret was reunited with her boyfriend Sam Newman z”l, who also survived Auschwitz. The two were from the same town and fell in love before the war. In 1951, Margaret and Sam immigrated to Canada and settled in Côte Saint-Luc, Montreal. Today, Margaret has a loving family, including five great-grandchildren.

Source: American Society for Yad Vashem

Photo: Bebe Newman (Margaret’s daughter)