“As I take a look at the scene taking place before me, I am hit with a sense of awe. Four thousand rabbis in one place, posing for a picture. And not just any rabbis – these are the rabbis that are literally changing the landscape of Judaism and ensuring the world a Jewish future. The Chief Rabbi of Russia sits there, with over 300 rabbis working under him across Russia in what can only be called a spiritual revolution, coming directly after decades of the darkness of communism. The Head Lubavitch Shliach of the West Coast is there, who overlooks over 100 Chabad centers in California, nearly half of them scattered across Los Angeles. I could go on and on about many more of these rabbis, with whom I work closely on many projects for the Jewish Deaf community. These rabbis have made the world a much brighter place, and they will continue to do so. #jewishpride #kinus #conferenceofrabbis #crownheights”
? @deafrabbi

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