Once upon time, a girl from tropical #Florida decided to move to the arid #Negev desert of Israel to fulfill her dream of living a Jewish life on a#kibbutz with her children. She quit her job, sold her mini-van, rented her home and, with the help of Nefesh B’Nefesh, made #Aliyah. She found a great job, met and married her true love, watched her children blossom, and has lived happily ever after…
Really, that is my story. I almost feel guilty saying it, but my life in Israel has surpassed all of my dreams and is like a fairy tale. That said, not everything has been “magic wand” easy, but I was well-prepared for what to expect before I “landed,” so I never had any significant disappointments. My successful Aliyah journey is the result of hard work and good planning before I left the US, realistic expectations, but also a lot of plain old luck.
My choice to live on a kibbutz in the Negev was really just dumb-luck. Up until a month before our Aliyah I was still unsure of where we would live and when I read about a kibbutz in the #Arava region of the Negev and felt drawn to it. I made the choice to live in Southern Israel and on that kibbutz “sight unseen.” I’d been to Israel before, but I had never set foot in the Arava. It was either luck or madness, but the decision to take my family to the Negev was the best decision I could have made.
So, three years into our Aliyah journey and we are definitely “living the dream”. We wake in the morning to the song of desert birds and the mournful sounds of the kibbutz cows. After I see my 6-year-old ride off on his bike to the kibbutz kindergarten, and my 8 and 12 year old take the regional bus to school, I start my morning commute–25 minutes from kibbutz to #Eilat. As I drive I see the sun reflect off the red and gold Eilat Mountains to the west and the Edomite mountains of Jordan to my east and I am conscious of the wide-openness and the lack of industrial infrastructure that I would see most anywhere else outside of the desert. When I arrive at work I can smell the Red Sea and I am greeted warmly by teachers and students who I have been teaching for the past three years and who call me by my first name. I know that this is supposed to be “the daily grind” that so many detest, but for me, I still feel a sense of gratitude and disbelief that this is my real, fairytale life.
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