“…Nonetheless, we boarded our flight on time and we landed on time. We collected ourselves and all our luggage and were on our tour bus in short order.
Our first stop was Neot Kedumim Biblical Nature Biblical Nature Preserve. We had breakfast (our second breakfast because we had breakfast on the plane!) and then we planted oak trees in the JNF National Forest. We all gathered and said a prayer and it was an emotional moment. When we talked about these trees and the way they would grow and be a permanent reminder of our visit, many of our folks had tears in their eyes.
From there we headed north towards the Galil. We stopped at Caesarea and toured the Roman ruins. When we walked into the theatre, there was a group singing an Italian standard and we all were amazed by the incredible acoustics. From there we headed into the crusader town and enjoyed a great lunch.
From there we continued north to Nof Ginossar, the beautiful guest house where we will stay for the next two nights. We had a great dinner and many of our folks opted for an early night, trying to catch up after a fairly sleepless night on the airplane.
Comments so far–Miriam said that “all the planning is definitely paying off.” Phyllis could not stop talking about the smell of the eucalyptus trees at the National Forest. And everyone has had a busy and wonderful first day in Israel!”

Source: The Jewish Home Family

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