Israel Free Spirit #Birthright

“The weather in Israel is beautiful and the beach is always a great place to enjoy it. However, in my scenario, take away the beach, add a uniform, a pair of red boots, a vest, body armor, and a weapon. I was training in the paratrooper unit, during the summer heat. Out in the field, regardless of the pain and the conditions, one thing dominated all; the pride I had for Israel. Feeling more connected to the land than I ever had, and feeling even more free then I would ever know. The army was not just another thing to do, not just a continuation of serving in my family, but an experience that would change me forever. It is one thing to love the land or sweat for the land, but when you give up everything for the land, that is when you become one with the land. Even being back in New York, I miss it. Someone once told me that it is a journey that you appreciate after it was over, which I came to understand when it was all done. The journey cannot be experienced alone but with your platoon, the army, the land. The journey is a group effort, to stand for Israel, because as a group, as a nation, that is where Israel is strong. A quote I live by, and to this day believe in, “If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go with others.” – Lior Gavra, the “Lone Soldier”, New York

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