Israel Free Spirit #Birthright

I’ve led 6 trips at this point and from them I’ve seen people make aliyah, volunteer for the IDF, and I’ve had like 12 people who met and married their spouses from my trips. That’s one couple per a trip, which is pretty good. But I think the greatest changes are the smaller and less visible ones. Most times, one individual participant will learn something about themselves and they want to fit into the global Jewish community and the world at large. They discover something or someone, even just a single thought, that has meaning to them and stays with them forever. The relationships and the great big achievements are wonderful, but that’s the best part. The great many small things that become a part of people. – Ari Ziegler, New York

This week Humans of Judaism is teaming up with Israel Free Spirit, an official #Birthright trip organizer. We will be featuring stories from Birthright Israel alumni who went on ISRAEL FREE SPIRIT. Feeling the #FOMO? Registration is now open for a limited time only! Click this exclusive Humans of Judaism link to apply:

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