Spontanious Bar Mitzvah Israel Free Spirit #Birthright

When we were walking the streets of Tsfat, I came across a Bar Mitzvah celebration. The boy, I’m not sure of his name, had just finished his temple services and they were walking outside singing and dancing to Hava Nagila. I could not talk to them as I don’t know much Hebrew, but I did know Hava Nagila and the bar mitzvah boy’s father grabbed me and grabbed him, told us to hold hands and we sang as loud as we could and danced together. We did not even know one another’s names. We did not know where the other came from but we both clearly knew we had something in common. We were both Jewish, dancing and singing with this family made me feel so connecting to people I did not know and it was without a doubt my favorite moment throughout my Birthright Israel trip with Israel Free Spirit. I had never felt more connected to someone I didn’t know. – Rebecca Hope, Massachusetts

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