Israel Free Spirit #Birthright

I discovered during my time in Israel how much emphasis and love is poured into each generation of Jews. I saw it everyday from the caring parents who ate in shifts so their small children could be fed to the look of admiration from the older generation when they looked upon the young adults serving in the IDF. There is a history and an investment in the future of Israel which I have never seen in my life. This is a country made up of people who will protect, love, and safeguard the legacy of the Jewish people with every generation. From going on #Birthright I am proud to be Jewish and hope to one day soon be an Israeli as well. #israelishome – Alexandra Tenenbaum, New York

This week Humans of Judaism is teaming up with Israel Free Spirit, an official #Birthright trip organizer. We will be featuring stories from Birthright Israel alumni who went on ISRAEL FREE SPIRIT. Feeling the #FOMO? Registration is now open for a limited time only! Click this exclusive Humans of Judaism link to apply:

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