“My boyfriend lives in Israel, I live in Holland. Recently my boyfriend got a call from the army that I was afraid he would get. He was called back to the army, to the border patrol in Jerusalem. How glad I was that he wasn’t in the army anymore… how scared I was now that he had to go back. He is doing a great job there and the thing that warms my heart the most though, is the love of the Israeli’s towards the soldiers. Every day so many people come up to him.. giving him food, drinks, snacks, ice cream.. anything you can think of. Most of the time the soldiers don’t want to take it but the people just leave it with them. Children make paintings especially for the soldiers to thank them. Also today, a 14 year old boy ran all the way to the soldiers to give them a cold ice cream..and he said that the Rav told him that the soldiers are angels. It warms my heart so much! The people of Israel unite in these hard times… they are taking care of each other so well. It shows their strength and faith. They know how much the soldiers need the support. Its so good to hear that he is in good hands there, I am not used to it, I never heard it before and it amazes me! I am absolutely sure you will only see this in Israel!’

Shalom from the Netherlands”
– Daniëlle van Bokhoven

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