“A year ago I went a school trip called ‘encounter’ this week was a week of jam packed inspiration, spiritual growth, learning and connecting. I started writing short message of what while reading the parsha each week and sent it to close friends enabling them to go into shabbos with some sort of knowledge about the parsha. This week I’ve decided to share something special about the month of Elul. The letter for the month of Elul is ‘yud’ ‘י’ the meaning of yud is ‘hand’ reminding us that our teshuva, tefilah and tzedakah, is according to our actions. We are all so blessed that we have not only one but two hands which we are able to do so much with, may we always remember to always do good with our hands through the actions we perform such a giving charity, helping another person and even holding our Siddur to Daven, no matter how small an action is, it is always effective for ourselves and for the other person who may be benefitting to. “When you help other people, you help yourself. It’s impossible to not feel great when you do good for other people” חודש טוב לכולם” – Carly Cohen

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