WSP has been a good friend and neighbor to Chabad of Greater Downtown Detroit helping out Rabbi Yisrael Pinson with setting his famous shipping container Sukkah and providing security patrols for the Chabad House.
Rabbi Pinson, who represents Jewish Hospice and Chaplaincy Network in the city of Detroit was getting ready to come to NYC for the Kinus Shluchim but felt frustrated and upset by the news; he stopped what he was doing and drove to the hospital at 2am to see what needed to be done.
Incredibly, he was able to be of service because the hospital wasn’t able to get a priest to immediately come, but they were appreciative to have the Rabbi sit with the officer, his family and the other police officers who were distraught. Rabbi Pinson sat with them, prayed with them, and consoled them until a clergy member of their faith was able to get to the hospital.
Sadly, officer Rose did not survive the shooting. May his family & friends and the other officers be comforted quickly and may his memory be for a blessing. Thank you Rabbi Pinson for the Kiddush Hashem.
– Benji Rosenzweig
Photo: Monni Must for the Jewish Hospice and Chaplaincy Network

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