Alan Brownfeld

“My name is Alan Brownfeld, a nice Jewish name for a young boy growing up in Brooklyn. Being Jewish in those days and in my neighbor hood I was a minority and I used to get picked on for being Jewish. It got to a point where I rebelled and said I was Italian until the age of 13 when my parents told me I was going to be Bar Mitzvahed. I grew up not being religious but going to shul just on high holy holidays. In time I got married and had children at a young age, being wild and crazy, grew long hair, got tattooed, became a biker and got myself into drugs and opened a auto repair shop in Manhattan. Not such a good role model for my kids but where I came from if your Jewish your sons are getting a bar mitzvah, I mean why not, it’s a party!
One Friday afternoon these 3 lubovitch guys came in my shop and asked me to wrap tefillin and pray. I laughed and said you got the wrong guy. Being and having a troubled life I figured maybe god can help me straighten out. The next week they came back and I decided to give god a shot and see if he really hears me so i wrapped myself up with leather straps and prayed. Looking into my Jewish heritage and finding more about the history of Jews just blew me away. I studied the bible and took much interest in my Jewish religion and was proud to be a Jew. Looking forward to Fridays to pray in my office with these lubovitch guys I had met other Jewish friends that believed in our religion.
One of the women I had met was Nikki, as she walked in my office while I was praying. It’s a certain bond us Jewish people have and I love it, I love sharing our holiday greetings and blessings together. Today I’m a drug free proud parent who respects my religion and god and proud of it. God bless” New York, NY USA

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