AH Mezuzah

“I sent the Mezuzot in my house to be checked by a local scribe (Sofer Stam) in my community in the Shomron, Israel, as Jewish law dictates should be done periodically. According to Jewish law, a Mezuza is to be written by hand, in order on parchment, and if even one of the letters of the Mezuza is mistaken, the entire Mezuza is invalid. The scribe found that one of the letters (called Kaf) when viewed on its own, looked like a different letter (Lamed). The scribe said that in such a situation, a child who knows how to recognize letters, but doesn’t know how to read, should be shown the text to determine what the letter looks like. The reason is that if the child is old enough to read, he will read the letter based on its context, not based on its appearance. Only a child that doesn’t know how to read will judge the letter solely by its appearance. So I brought the Mezuza to my 4 year old son, who determined that the Mezuza is, in fact, valid, and that the questionable letter was a kaf.” – Avraham Hermon

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