9 11 Table“Today is actually my 25th birthday. Fourteen years ago, I was just a young girl turning 11 on this tragic day. I didn’t know just how bad he events were and how much they would affect my life and the state that I live in. New York. This year, I am celebrating by hosting a shabbat dinner at my apartment with my husband and family. While I was setting the table this morning, I couldn’t help but feel sorry and sad for all those families and Jews who would be missing family members at their table. Daughters, sisters, wives and cousins lost their lives on 9/11 and lost the chance to ever spend another shabbat with their family. As I sit with my family tonight and make my birthday wishes as I receive my cake, I will think of all those lost on 9/11 that will never celebrate another birthday again. As a Jew living in New York, I feel so lucky and blessed to celebrate shabbat and my birthday on this night, with loved ones by my side. My prayers go out to all who lost loved ones on this day. Shabbat Shalom”

Melanie Sassoon
Brooklyn. NY

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