The Ultimate Shabbat Menu Guide

Let’s face it, Shabbat is the BEST day of the week. What better pairing than the best day of the week with the best Shabbat menu! I have teamed up with Jamie Geller for this very meaningful project. Known to the world as the ‘Queen of Kosher’, however known to […]

Apple Fritter Babka by Mandylicious

Apple Fritter Babkalicious by Mandylicious (makes 2 babkas) INGREDIENTS Babka Dough: ¾ cup water (may need additional water if dough appears too dry) 1 ¼  teaspoon salt 1 large egg  1 egg yolk ¾ cup margarine or butter, melted 1 tablespoons vanilla 1/3 cup sugar 3.5  cups bread flour 2 tablespoons instant yeast Apple […]

RECIPE: Funfetti Cake Poptashen! by Mandylicious

FUNAFUTI CAKE POPTASHEN by Mandylicious  HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED 1 box of yellow or funfetti cake mix 1 16 oz container of vanilla frosting 24 oz white candy coating Nutella or chocolate spread Rainbow sprinkles Crystal sprinkles (optional) 40 lollipop sticks DIRECTIONS Bake cake mix according to directions. Let cool completely. […]