1967: Today in History

“June 7, 1967. God fulfills His promise, and the Jewish people return to the site of the Temple of Solomon, under the watch of Jewish soldiers as mighty and valiant as the warriors of King David. May we merit to complete their mission, and may all the Jewish people reunite […]

The Nazi’s Didn’t Let his Father Finish Playing, Today, 80 Years Later, Grammy Award Winning Violinist Eugene Drucker Finishes Playing His Father’s Unfinished Song

In 1933, the promising young Jewish-German violinist Ernest Drucker left the stage midway through a Brahms concerto in Cologne at the behest of Nazi officials, in one of the first anti-Semitic acts of the new regime. Now, more than 80 years later, his son, Grammy Award-winning American violinist Eugene Drucker, […]