But as a young girl, tradition didn’t interest me. I loved music and dreamt of being a famous singer. I wanted to be part of the Soviet cultural scene. My mother tried discouraging me from leaving my roots behind, but I was determined.” “My dream became a reality, singing and […]

The Great Synagogue is the main synagogue of the Jewish community in Copenhagen, Denmark. During World War II, the Synagogue’s Torah scrolls were hidden at nearby Trinitatis Church and were later returned to the Synagogue after the war. The landmark was the victim of 2 terror attacks, in 1985 there […]

An incredibly poignant moment in Krakow, Poland tonight as the IDF Rabbinate Choir sings with a 91-year-old Holocaust survivor who lost his entire family. Ed Mossberg lost his father at the beginning of the war, then his mother in Auschwitz, and just a day before the end of the war […]

I HAVE A DREAM: Martin Luther King Day Photograph of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., #RabbiMaurice Eisendrath, and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel is emblematic of the relationship between the #Jewish and #Black communities during the Civil Rights Movement. This was taken in 1965 in Montgomery, Alabama at the conclusion of the famous march for […]

“#Prayers taking place in the #Israeli Field Hospital in #Nepal. #UnitedWithPrayer❤️ In the photo: Rabbi Shay Gudy, religious commander and #IDF chaplain, removes the #Torah from the arc. Standing beside Rabbi Gudy, a well known #Israel Orthopedic Surgeon and Professor, Dr. Amos Peyser” 📝 @unitedwithprayer 📷 Joe Shalmoni