“This picture was taken in a displaced persons camp about a year after she was liberated. She performed in plays as a way of lifting the moral of other survivors. Although my grandmother believes it’s important to remember the past, she also understands the importance of moving forward and celebrating […]

Months ago this Auschwitz Survivor meets his great-great granddaughter, today on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we remember. “My Zaida’s biggest dream in Auschwitz, was to just sit on a chair at a proper table and eat a simple loaf of bread. Yet today, my Zaida, Auschwitz survivor with the number […]

“My grandparents, Leon and Lodja Bloch, both Holocaust survivors originally from Poland, met and married in Germany after being liberated from the camps. A photographer from the New York Daily News captured this photo of my grandmother, carrying my 11-month-old mother and her twin sister, on the day they arrived […]

Posted by her grandson, Eli: “99 years young and I’m her biggest problem. Blessed. Amazing party with her family and closest friends.#happybdayoma #birthday @humansofjudaism#survivor #elpnation #family” Source: Eli Lunzer & Rena Lunzer