Reporting from Times Square with J-TV Asking New Yorkers Pressing Questions about Judaism

Well this was Fun! Had a great time in Times Square asking people random questions about Judaism. Thanks J-TV: The Jewish Global Channel for an afternoon of laughs and good fun. Testing New Yorkers Jewish Knowledge Do New Yorkers know who was the first Jewish President of the United States? […]

“We’re celebrating the first night of Chanukah by glowing in blue and white with a flickering candle in our antenna!”

“We’re celebrating the first night of #Chanukah by glowing in blue and white with a flickering candle in our antenna! #EmpireStateBuilding #HappyChanukah” – Empire State Building 🎁 Click bio link for Chanukah Gift Guide 📷 @empirestatebldg 🌎 New York City 📰 Everyone Has A Story, What's Yours? 📧 📱 […]

“My grandfather Mikhail Lubarsky who fought the nazis in WWII currently lives in Brighton Beach Brooklyn. He’s 94 years old and was at my house this past Thursday for Thanksgiving and sang the yiddish song “Le Chaim”.

My grandfather was born in 1926 in a small Jewish village called Saroki back then it was a territory of Romania which eventually was renamed Moldova and became part of the Soviet Union. When WWII started my grandfather was only 15 when he was given the task of evacuating his […]

The Eldridge Street Synagogue, built in 1887, is a National Historic Landmark synagogue in Manhattan’s Chinatown neighborhood.

In 2007, after 20 years of renovation work that cost US$20 million, the Eldridge Street Project completed the restoration and opened to the public as the Museum at Eldridge Street. #GKTsynagogue Wishing you all #ShabbatShalom! Source: GO Kosher Travel via Bentzi Sasson

“My great aunt Bella Ehrlich Korn was born in 1934. A month before her 5th birthday, she fled Poland with her family and endured a hard life living in the woods in Siberia and then Kazakhstan.”

“After the war she returned with her family to Poland in 1946 for a brief period before moving to a DP camp in Kassel, Germany for a few years. In December 1949 the family made their way to America on a ship named the Henselman and arrived at night on […]

“3 yr mark #cancer free.”

“This is Bentzi, he is my husband, my love and my inspiration. Always happy and positive, always cracking a joke to make others laugh. No one will ever really understand what he went through, not even me. Although he went through a very difficult time he always made sure to […]

“Today we were walking up Amsterdam Ave. after having brunch with two delicious alumni. Soon we realized that we needed to get back to our apartment to prepare for an alumnus’ wedding this evening.”

Shortly after getting ourselves seated in the back of a taxi, we noticed that the driver was an older, white woman. Unusual. She soon asked where we were from. First we replied Boston and then added Brooklyn. “Where in Brooklyn?” she asked. “Crown Heights?” “Yes,” we replied. “You are Lubavitchers. […]

“Today at JFK airport, I met Max Glauben, an 89 year old man from Dallas, Texas who survived six concentration camps during the Holocaust.”

“On this year’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, Max is going on his twelveth March of the Living International trip, an annual educational tour through Poland and Israel, sharing his story with thousands of participants from all over the world. On his jacket he listed all the years he participated on March […]

🔴 #RedNose

Everyone Nose that I love a good pun and a good cause. Couture for a Cause is putting on a red nose to kick things off this Thursday at their annual event; this year will benefit the Lev Leytzan organization. Lev Leytzan brings compassionate clowning to hospitals, nursing homes, seniors’ centers, […]

“I lived in Poland, so we were persecuted from the first day of the war. First they took us from our home, then they put us in a ghetto, then they made us march, then they sent us to the camps.”

“I was separated from everyone, but my brother later told me that my father froze to death. But I have children now, and grandchildren, and great grandchildren– a great big family, all of them educated. Look at everything that came from just one person who escaped. Just goes to show […]