“The first lone soldiers in Israel were the young holocaust survivors. Cleaning out my parents house I came across this old gem.”

“My grandfather on the right Aaron Moskowitz served in the IDF post WW2 in the war of Independence in 1948. Looking at these young men with smiles on their faces, one would never know what they endured. #survivors #עםישראלחי#lonesoldier @humansofjudaism” Source: Sara Leibowitz

“As a 10 year old boy, my grandfather stood under this sign at the entrance of Auschwitz with Nazis at his side…”

“…73 years later, my grandfather stands under the same sign with his grandson, an IDF soldier, at his side. The ultimate victory. He may not have fought with a weapon, but he is still every bit a soldier. Today, I tell my grandfather that there is no need to fight […]