“The woman on the left is my grandmother, Eva Kostre. Born in Poland, she is a survivor of Auschwitz and Ravensbruck concentration camps.”

“This picture was taken in a displaced persons camp about a year after she was liberated. She performed in plays as a way of lifting the moral of other survivors. Although my grandmother believes it’s important to remember the past, she also understands the importance of moving forward and celebrating […]

Today, we paid respect to the 27,000 people murdered 75 years ago at Zmievskaya Balka in Rostov.

The Nazis mercilessly butchered all of Rostov’s Jews, including young children and the elderly, hoping to leave nothing of our heritage. They tried to extinguish the flame of Judaism in our city, but they didn’t succeed. Today, 75 years later, we held a March of the Living, followed by a […]

Meet Gunther Bauer.

I bumped into Gunther yesterday in the comments section on Humans of Judaism. In a previous post (attached) about an 85 year old Holocaust survivor that went sky diving with his grandson, proving to Hitler that he couldnt ‘put out his flame’, Gunther commented with this: “I’m also 85, I […]

“Today at JFK airport, I met Max Glauben, an 89 year old man from Dallas, Texas who survived six concentration camps during the Holocaust.”

“On this year’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, Max is going on his twelveth March of the Living International trip, an annual educational tour through Poland and Israel, sharing his story with thousands of participants from all over the world. On his jacket he listed all the years he participated on March […]

Good Morning from The Great Synagogue in Copenhagen: Closing in 1 week for 2 years for a complete renovation.

The Great Synagogue is the main synagogue of the Jewish community in Copenhagen, Denmark. During World War II, the Synagogue’s Torah scrolls were hidden at nearby Trinitatis Church and were later returned to the Synagogue after the war. The landmark was the victim of 2 terror attacks, in 1985 there […]

“As a 10 year old boy, my grandfather stood under this sign at the entrance of Auschwitz with Nazis at his side…”

“…73 years later, my grandfather stands under the same sign with his grandson, an IDF soldier, at his side. The ultimate victory. He may not have fought with a weapon, but he is still every bit a soldier. Today, I tell my grandfather that there is no need to fight […]

“My name is Joseph Joffo and I am a Holocaust survivor. If my older brother and I are alive today, it is thanks to several people.”

“During our flight, people saved our lives. The catholic church saved jews during the German occupation in France. Some soldiers had embarked on the train we had taken to leave Paris for the south of France (the free zone), searching for Jews in order to deport them. My brother and […]

This past friday, as we walked past the great synagogue of Florence, we saw a man standing with a bouquet of flowers.

He shared the following story, “My dad was in the US army during WWII and was a liberator of two concentration camps. Dad told me, “I liberated the camps. I saw the carnage with my own eyes. We mustn’t ever forget. And if we make sure to never forget it […]