“This bride did something really great.

This week she got married and decided to go to the local nursing home in Ashdod, near the police station,  to give the residents a bit of simcha, joy in their lives.

She arrived at the nursing home with some friends, and one of the workers there asked her who she was planning to visit. She said, “The residents of the facility”. She went around to many wards, and visited the lounges to greet everyone there. She blessed them all. The worker said, that the light on the residents faces were brighter than the sun. They clapped and sang to her. There was just such great simcha in the air.

When asked why she did this, she told the employees, because she wanted to make one more special mitzvah on her wedding day.

No-one knows who she is, but this day will be remembered and spoken about by everyone at the nursing home for a long time to come.” – Alan Silver

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