Happy 100th Birthday Getzel Lifshitz

Getzel Lifshitz, a member of the Jewish community in Perm, Russia celebrated his 100th birthday this week. Rabbi Zalman Deutch, The Rabbi of the community (and Chabad shliach) gave him a new pair of #Tefillin as a present for his birthday. В эти дни пермская еврейская община отмечает замечательный праздник: […]

Bionic Bar Mitzvah!

Asaf lost his hands in a horrible accident a week before his bar mitzvah. After many painful surgeries and recuperation, at 14.5, he was able to lay tefillin on his own with the help of his bionic hands. Let’s all wish Asaf a big Mazal Tov! Thanks to @thenextstep.org.il ? […]