“Tonight, private grief is intertwined with national pain. I remember my brothers-in-arms who fell in defense of our homeland.”

Tonight I remember, as I remember every day of my life, my beloved brother Yoni, who fell while commanding the Sayeret Matkal force in Operation Yonatan to free hostages in Entebbe. Yoni, as the years pass, the longing only grows, and the pain only deepens.” – Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin […]

I woke up this morning to heartbreaking news. The world has lost another special soul, this time it is our friend Simcha Elazar Jessel.

You may not know Simcha personally but you know his work. Simcha started Humans of Jerusalem (the real one!) and to call it a passion project would not fully capture what the page and it’s work meant to him. He was a talented photographer and wordsmith who found a way […]

“Today at JFK airport, I met Max Glauben, an 89 year old man from Dallas, Texas who survived six concentration camps during the Holocaust.”

“On this yearโ€™s Holocaust Remembrance Day, Max is going on his twelveth March of the Living International trip, an annual educational tour through Poland and Israel, sharing his story with thousands of participants from all over the world. On his jacket he listed all the years he participated on March […]

“This is me (on the right) and my very best friend Jael on the left! We met last year on exchange at Tel Aviv University! “

Jael lives in Amsterdam and I live in Toronto, Canada. One of our first immediate bonds was our extreme love for Israel and We promised one another that we would always meet in this very special place! We reunited last year after exchange in Israel to spend the summer together, […]