As a child, Zac Posen would steal kippot from his grandparent’s #synagogue to design for dolls. Today, the 34-year-old fashion star has come a long way from his first fashion show held in a former synagogue in Manhattan’s Lower East Side and designs affordable fashion for major retail outlets such as Target and David’s […]

“Yom Kippur is a day of contemplation, Renewal and soul searching. I don’t need other people to apologize. It’s more about feeling the forgiveness that’s inside me. It’s like formatting your computer. The more negative bytes I delete, the greater room I have for new and improved content for the […]

‪There are three Hebrew synonyms: “Selichah,” “Mechilah,” and “Kapparah,” all related to the idea of “forgiveness.” What does each mean? ‪SELICHA‬ usually translated as “forgiveness” is the first step which must be taken if someone has committed a sin, whether it be against G-d or against Man. To ask for […]