Jimmy Kimmel – Host of ABC’s Kimmel talk show decided to try a social experiment. He sent out one of his producer’s on Hollywood Boulevard dressed in a SpongeBob costume to deliberately fall to the ground and see how long it takes for someone to help him get back up […]

“I have to share what just happened in the prison we just visited. One of the yards we visited was the highest level security. The inmates there are only allowed 1 hour a day outside, in a metal cage! (we had to wear knife proof vests). There we met a special […]

“One year ago today, I had the honor and privilege to fly in the cockpit of an El Al flight from Budapest, Hungary to Tel Aviv, Israel piloted by my step-brother-in-law and into a country whose civilian population was facing indiscriminate rocket attack and shelling from rockets being fired by […]

“This summer, I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to our Homeland for a month with NCSY on the program TJJ. I have never felt more at home than I did in Israel. On this specific morning, we had a 4 am wake up to do a sunrise hike. After much […]